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Here are 5 reasons to book a helicopter flight with Sport Helicopters!

Interested in a helicopter trip?
Helicopter flight in Cape town Table Mountain

It’s a once in a lifetime experience, flying around one of the world’s most beautiful cities, with sights like Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, Robben Island, and Cape Point Nature Reserve to see!

While it might not be the usual mode of transport around the Mother City and its surroundings, it comes with its own set of unique benefits for those who decide to charter a ride.

But if you are struggling to convince someone else to join you in the cabin, here are 5 reasons to book a helicopter flight in Cape Town.

No Traffic
We love the Red Sightseeing Bus, which starts its journey from the Two Oceans Aquarium, but a problem a bus can’t overcome is the Mother City’s traffic. Cape Town is South Africa’s most congested city. This means you can easily land up crawling between attractions.

This isn’t a problem for us though, as where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

It’s a Thrill
Let us not gloss over the fact that riding in a helicopter is something that’s totally exhilarating. This thrill factor is ramped up to the maximum on our Huey flights with some packages including simulated military evasive manoeuvres! Also, this is the only army helicopter in the world licensed to do this flight. Not to mention the iconic sound of Huey blades chopping at the wind, it’s literally the sound of the cavalry coming.

Let’s just say, it’s very exciting.

Small Tour Group
There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck with a large tour group. It’s almost a guarantee that one of the members of your posse is bound to demand all the attention. This simply isn’t the case when charting a helicopter.

This is especially great when taking a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Island. You might even learn that the name is Dutch for Seal Island, which is just one of the many facts our pilots know.

Views, Views, Views
It’s just amazing, the scenes you’ll see from the cabin as you fly about the Mother City and its surroundings. In season you might be fortunate enough to see some of the Cape’s legendary visitors and residents – various schools of whales and dolphin.

Let’s not forget that you can also take in the awesome vistas of the 7th wonder of the world, Table Mountain, the simply amazing views of the 12 apostles mountain range, ending with the cherry on top, Cape Point, where the two mighty oceans meet. Not to mention that on some LEGENDARY Huey charters you’ll be skimming the waves along the Blouberg coast.

There’s honestly no better way to experience that morning sea spray and fresh sea breeze than from the open door of a Huey.

Combat Huey Flight Cape Town Helicopter Tour Gallery image 1

Memories Guaranteed
It’s just a fact. Once you’ve climbed out of the cabin onto the landing pad, with the blades kicking up gusts of wind, there’s no possible way you’ll forget this experience.

Also, if you feel like there is a certain question you want to pop, you can charter one of our helicopters to a bespoke wine farm dinner or wine tasting destination, just to ramp up that wow factor.

If you’re looking for an adventure that is non-stop, thrilling, bespoke, scenic, and bound to be spoken about for years to come, then you should book a chartered helicopter flight.

And if you’re looking for another reason to take a helicopter flight, some of our chartered flights are cheaper than a night at the One&Only Cape Town. So, a bargain! Also, you should book that room – as you only live once.

Still not convinced?
Take a glance at our TripAdvisor page with over 450 5-star rated reviews left by our appreciated customers over the years. Also be sure to have a look at our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!) showcasing some breath-taking aerial photos and videos taken from our helicopter flights and ours.

Sport Helicopters would like to invite to you to our EXTRAORDENARY experience!

Top spots to visit in Cape Town 2019!

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is of course at the top of our list! It is no coincidence Table Mountain was voted as 1 of the 11 natural wonders of the world in 2011! Table Mountain has always been one of the key attractions when talking about Cape Town!

How do I get to the top of Table Mountain?

Cable Car

The easiest way to get to the top of Table Mountain is via the Cable Car. Since 1929 a staggering 24 million visitors have used the cable car to experience the spectacular views that Table Mountain has to offer. Traveling to the top takes about 5 minutes on board the cable car, which rotates 360 degrees while carrying its passengers to the top.

Should I take my own food and things to drink?

There is a self-service restaurant at the top which services cooldrinks, premade sandwiches, cakes and many more treats to purchase.
Once at the top of the mountain, there are a few hiking routes for you to choose from. These routes travel all across the mountain with each having their own amazing views of the mother city.
Please be sure to contact the Cable Car service the morning you wish to make use of their service as they don’t operate the cable way in strong wind conditions.


While the cable way is quicker and convenient, you will have much greater outdoor experience tackling one of the many hiking routes to the top of the mountain. While some of these hiking routes can be quite challenging, they are definitely worth it!

Hiking Tips:

Be sure to never hike alone. Be sure to stay in contact with someone and notifying them of your progress up the mountain.
Make sure you have plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, waterproof clothing, and a mobile phone in case of emergencies.
Wear the correct shoes for hiking.
Be sure to pick a route best for your fitness level. It would be best to hike with someone who is familiar with the route.
Stay on the hiking path and differ from taking shortcuts.
If visibility is poor, don’t continue climbing. Find a spot that offers some sort of shelter.

The V&A Waterfront

“The V&A Waterfront is one the most visited destinations in Africa, and is situated in the oldest working harbour in the southern hemisphere, with the iconic Table Mountain as its backdrop and extensive views of the ocean, city bowl and mountain peaks.” –

While the V&A Waterfront is still technically a working harbour – you will still spot the odd fishing boat and container ships. The V&A Waterfront is more frequently visited as a shopping destination or as a fine dine experience. Covering 123 hectares, the V&A Waterfront is divided up into five shopping districts: Victoria Wharf, the Watershed, The Alfred Mall and Pierhead, The Clock Tower, and Breakwater Point. The V&A waterfront has over 450 stores, selling everything from local designers to big international brands. For local crafts and handmade items, make sure you pop into the Watershed, and, if it’s art or jewellery you’re after, head over to The Alfred Mall and Pierhead.

All that exploring is likely to work up an appetite, and the myriad restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food outlets will keep your stomach lines. Of course, some of the restaurants and bars are reason enough to visit the V&A Waterfront. The majority of the restaurants at the V&A Waterfront have excellent views of the harbour, and those that don’t – such as Willoughby & Co – make up for it with top-notch food. If you after something a little more relaxed, head over to the V&A Food Market where you’ll find regional delicacies, artisanal breads and cheeses, craft beers, vegan treats, and biltong.

The V&A waterfront is also home to Grand Café & Beach or the trendy Shimmy Beach Club, offering a unique sundowner experience and great nightlife experience. Bascule Bar at the Cape Grace hotel offers a sophisticated whisky-tasting experience, and Belthezar on Victoria Wharf reputedly has the widest selection of wine by the glass in the world!

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is situated near Simon’s Town is known for its large penguin colony. This little piece of paradise is protected from the wind by huge granite boulders with beautiful rock pools. The beach is always clean and safe, because it falls under the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area. These are the reasons why this attraction attracts more than 60 000 visitors per year!

When is best to view the penguins?

The Cape town summer is prime to view the penguins. Between January and March young juvenile penguins can be seen running around on the beach. If its pictures you after, the penguins are most active during the early hours of the morning and late afternoon.


There is a small conservation fee charged to access the beach. R76 for Adults and R41 for kids.

Motor Yacht Trip

No trip to Cape Town is complete if you don’t do a luxury yacht cruise down the beautiful coast of Cape Town. Sport Motor yachts offers a luxurious motor yacht experience from 2-hour trips till a full day onboard the magnificent 45-foot Princess Sky motor yacht.

You can expect to see a wide variety of sea wild life and breath-taking views of Cape Town while cruising down the coast to settle at one of many anchoring spots. Princess Sky’s friendly staff will ensure you are comfortable, fed and well looked after while onboard! The skipper also goes out of his way to show a few of the hidden gems that Cape Town has to offer.

Sport Motor Yachts has the following packages on offer, Sundowners, a Wine and Dine, Sea Safari, Half Day and Full day packages. Princess Sky has space for 2 – 12 passengers including staff. Perfect to spoil your work colleagues, friends and family.

All trips start from the Cape Grace marina in the V&A Waterfront. Booking spots are limited so be sure to book well in advance.

Contact details:

Tel: +27 21 419 5907

Mojo Market

“Mojo Market is an exciting 7-day-a-week food and lifestyle market in beautiful Sea Point! A great place to meet old friends and make some new ones too, come and find your mojo! From Live Music, Sport Screenings, 30 Food Stalls and an artisan Retail offering – to 4 bars, one of which boasts the widest selection of beverages on Tap in the Southern Hemisphere, we truly have something for everyone!”

The Mojo Market started training 27 April 2017. Since its opening, this hybrid urban street market has been sending excited ripples through the city’s foodie circles. Here’s why…
Mojo market hosts around 45 food, home and clothing stalls in a 2 000-square metre area – is a welcome addition, not just to the Cape’s ever-growing market ranks, but also to the Mother City scene, and particularly Sea Point. This market area is a stone throw away from some iconic Sea Point restaurants and cafés .

Owners Graeme Robinson and Robbie Lessem, who also own the Mojo Hotel, established the market with the aim of enhancing their hotel guests’ experience – and they also wanted to offer Sea Point residents an interesting, diverse and fresh retail and leisure space. Which is exactly what this market is!

Visitors can look forward to amazing food and drink offerings. What got us really excited is The Mojo Coffee Collective, which showcases Cape Town’s best artisan coffee roasters.

Contact details:

30 Regent Road, Sea point, Cape Town
Tel: +27 64 776 8832

Cape Point

“Rugged rocks and sheer cliffs towering more than 200 metres above the sea and cutting deep into the ocean, provide a spectacular background for the park’s rich bio-diversity. Cape Point falls within the southern section of Table Mountain National park. The natural vegetation of the areas – fynbos – comprises the smallest but richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms.” –

Named the ‘Cape of Storms’ by Bartolomeu Dias in 1488; the ‘Point’ was treated with respect by sailors for centuries. By day, it was a navigational landmark and by night, and in fog, it was a menace beset by violent storms and dangerous rocks that over the centuries littered shipwrecks around the coastline.

In 1859 the first lighthouse was completed; it still stands at 238 metres above sea-level on the highest section of the peak and is now used as the centralised monitoring point for all the lighthouses on the coast of South Africa. Access to this historical building is by an exhilarating three-minute ride in the wheelchair-accessible Flying Dutchman funicular that transfers visitors from the lower station at 127 metres above sea-level, to the upper station.

Cape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve within Table Mountain National Park, which forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a World Heritage Site. It includes the majestic Table Mountain chain, which stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point, and the coastlines of the Cape Peninsula. This narrow stretch of land, dotted with beautiful valleys, bays and beaches, contains a mix of extraordinarily diverse and unique fauna and flora.

Cape Point can be accessed via hiking routes, but the best way to see it is from the sky! Be sure to check out our Cape Point Helicopter Trip to ensure the best Cape Point experience and view this amazing piece of nature from all angles!

Lions Head Hike

Situated next to the iconic Table Mountain and surrounded by the ocean like a sentinel, Lion’s Head is an iconic piece of the city’s wondrous topography. Sitting at 669 meters above sea level, Lion’s Head offers panoramic view of the mother city, Table Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a wildly popular destination for hiking enthusiasts and a #1 spot for Instagrammers.

Duration and Difficulty

This is a relatively short hike lasting around two to three hours, the Lion’s Head trail winds its way around the mountain, offering incredible views along the way.

The route is clearly marked, and most of it can be easily traversed by foot. The trail might be quite a steep climb from the parking lot, but don’t worry, it does get fairly easier as you make your way up the mountain. There is a little rock scrambling as you near the summit, but the only part of the trail that could be considered intimidating are the metal ladders and climbing chains required to ascend the rock face at one point. Thankfully, these can be skipped via a roundabout foot path.

It’s no wonder that the Lion’s Head trail is the most popular among the Cape’s many hikes: it’s relatively short, offers a great workout, and the views from the summit are well worth the trip.

Catle of Good Hope

Obviously space will not allow us to delve into the rich, difficult history of this world-famous building. Safe to say that the story of his Castle is a story of our young country. It is a story of joy, pain, tears, laughter, disappointment, fear, hope – and all the other human emotions that characterize us as a nation…

Built between 1666 and 1679, the Castle is known as the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the centre of civilian, political and military life at the Cape from approximately 1679.

In its current state, the Castle arguably represents one of the best preserved 17th century DEIC architecture on the entire globe. The 2015 – 2016 renovation of the Castle – the first in 20 years – will further enhance its appeal and position it well to become South Africa’s next UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This historical building now houses, among others, the William Fehr Collection managed by Iziko Museums of South Africa, a permanent ceramic exhibition (FIRED) and the Castle Military Museum.
The Castle was, however, not the first fort to be built at the Cape. A quadrangular (four-pointed) fort was built after the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 where the Grand Parade and the main Post Office are situated today. This fort was completed towards the end of 1653 and its inner structures in 1656. However, constant problems were experienced: The walls of the fort, which were constructed mainly of clay, collapsed and required constant repairs.
A model of this original fort can be seen in the Castle Military Museum.
Opening Times: 09:00 – 17:00
The castle is open 363 days in a year and are closed 2 days (Christmas and New Year).
Situated on the corner of Castle and Darling Stree, Cape Town

Contact details:

Tel: +27 21 787 1249

Camps Bay main road and beach

Camps Bay is the premier tourist destination in Cape Town, South Africa, and is magnificently located on the Atlantic Ocean, at the foot of the Twelve Apostles mountain range and adjacent to Table Mountain.
Camps Bay is a suburb of Cape Town, with a village feel, offering a convenient location only 15 minutes drive to the city center, 20 minutes from the V&A Waterfront, 30 minutes from the airport, 40 minutes from the Cape Winelands and 60 minutes from Cape Point. You can safely walk to the Camps Bay beachfront during the day and at night.

Camps Bay in Cape Town is well appointed with more than 20 restaurants, some internationally acclaimed and more than 20 accommodation establishments offering typical South African hospitality and spectacular views. With a multitude of activities and attractions on your doorstep, Camps Bay is an ideal location from which to explore Cape Town, South Africa’s “Mother City”.
Couples from around the world are choosing Cape Town as their fairytale wedding venue and Camps Bay is just the spot to make every wedding dream come true.

Camp Bay is a favourite wedding destination, and many romantic couples have given each other their vows on Camps Bay beach, in the Rotunda at the Bay Hotel, at a guest house in Camps Bay, or even on top of Table Mountain looking down onto Camps Bay.

Wine Farms

Cape Town is a favourite destination for wine connaisseurs from around the world, and some of the best and oldest wine farms in the region can be found right in the city’s back yard.
Cape Town and its surrounds is a world renowned wine region, recognised internationally for its fine wines. While the Cape’s famed winelands have spread to Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and beyond, it all began in Constantia, quite literally Cape Town’s back yard. With a wine-making tradition that spans more than 300 years, the Constantia Valley and its surrounds is the oldest wine-producing region in the Southern Hemisphere, its picturesque farms still producing world class, award-winning wines.

Popular wine farm suburbs:


Wine Tram Franchhoek

The Franschhoek Wine Tram is undoubtedly the best way to experience the Franschhoek Valley’s wine estates. It eliminates the need to drive, and takes you to some of the valley’s most popular and scenic estates. They have now made it even easier to visit Franschhoek’s spectacular wine estates with a transfer from the V&A Waterfront with City Sightseeing.
The newly launched Franschhoek tour departs from the V&A Waterfront at 9am. The bus is kitted out with air conditioning, free wifi, charging ports, comfy seats, and screens showing all the info you need about your Cape Town trip.

The drive takes around 45 minutes, and takes you to the Drakenstein Station in Franschhoek where you can connect with the Wine Tram and begin your adventure. After your day exploring the Franschhoek Wine Route, hop back on the bus for your transfer back to the V&A Waterfront. No need to rent a car or arrange a private transfer.

The Franschhoek Wine Tram Route

Passengers who join Franschhoek Wine Tram via City Sightseeing will either experience the orange or purple routes which include estates like Allée Bleue, Solms Delta, Boschendal (Cellar Door), Plaisir de Merle, Vrede en Lust, Noble Hill, Babylonstoren and Backsberg. You can choose three estates to visit.


Tickets are available from the City Sightseeing website and include transport to and from Franschhoek in a luxury air-conditioned coach, entry to the Franschhoek Wine Tram, and a complimentary wine tasting on board the wine tram. They exclude lunch or wine tastings at wine farms. Get your hands on a ticket for just R520 per person!

Contact details:

Tel: +27 21 300 0338
Address: 32 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa

Canal Walk

Canal Walk, Cape Town’s largest shopping centre, in the Century City precinct, is conveniently located on the N1, central to the CBD and surrounding suburbs. The centre has a wide selection with over 400 stores and thousands of the best local and international brands to choose from. Visit Canal Walk for the best fashion, retail, leisure and entertainment for the whole family, all under one roof.
While exploring Canal Walk, you’ll find a variety of eateries, from sit-down restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops, to takeaway outlets where you can either take a seat in our spacious Food Court or grab a bite on the go. These eateries vary across cuisines and there are both Halaal and vegetarian options.

If you are looking for the ultimate movie experience, then Nu Metro Canal Walk is where you want to book your next movie. The Scene Xtreme cinema boasts the biggest 3-storey-high screen in Cape Town, 4K ultra-high-definition projection and 360-degree sound to fully immerse yourself in the movie experience. If comfort and luxury is what you are looking for, then visit one of Nu Metro’s Scene VIP cinemas. It includes an exclusive VIP lounge and bar, fully reclinable plush spacious seating and service to your seat.

The Canal Walk shopping experience encompasses variety, convenience, entertainment, and leisure with easy access directly off the N1. There are more than 8000 parking bays both undercover and on rooftop levels with 12 conveniently located entrances into the centre.
Stay up-to-date with the latest in fashion, trends, events, competitions and movie releases by signing up for our newsletter. For kids events, entertainment, competitions and movie releases, join our kids club, Kids World.

Canal Walk. Have it all.

Contact details:


The V&A Waterfront

You can find anything at the Waterfront. From souvenirs to luxury brand clothing, it is a real playground for tourists and locals alike. The Waterfront is divided into 5 parts, The Alfred Shopping centre and Pierhead, the Victoria Wharf Mall, the Watershed, the Clock Tower and The Breakwater.

The Watershed offers a wide variety of local souvenirs, arts and crafts, décor for your home, jewellery and fashion items. There is also a Wellness at the Watershed section where you can get all kinds of treatments for your body and soul.

In the Victoria Wharf Mall, you can get all the big local and international brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, etc. However, they also have franchise stores and boutiques that are more affordable for those of you that have packed light. The local pharmacies ensure that you can get the medicine and toiletries that you need.

The Alfred Mall and Pierhead is perfect for Jewellery shopping and you can also purchase art from the high-end art galleries.

The entire V&A Waterfront is filled with amazing restaurants that cater for all your needs. Balducci’s is perfect for a quick lunch, they serve Italian foods as well as steak, sushi and other items.

If you are looking for an amazing seafood restaurant, why not pop over to Baia. They have top quality chefs and are rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor. Another great Seafood restaurant is Harbour House, they have a spectacular view over the harbour and you are part of the hustle and bustle.

For the best sushi in town, we highly recommend making your way to Willoughby’s & Co. The have amazing service, their staff are friendly, and the food is to die for. They also have other seafood options as well as Japanese dishes on the menu.

For the American burger experience try Gibson’s Gourmet Burgers and Ribs. They have a wide variety of delicious burgers to choose from and they’re steaks are just as good. You can also enjoy a refreshing craft beer with your drink.

If you want to try South African food, you can get delicious local meals at Karibu. They make an amazing Oxtail dish and they also have a Safari platter that offers a wide variety of grilled meat.

There are so many great restaurants to try and they all have a unique touch. The Belgian beer at Den Anker, the onion blossom at Belthazar and the Moussaka at The Greek Fishermans are also widely spoken of.

While walking around the Waterfront you have so much to besides shopping and restaurant hopping. You can go to the Aquariam, book a boat trip or helicopter tour (Sport Helicopters), play golf (putt putt) in a cave or scratch for gemstones in a scratch patch, take a diamond tour or cruise the canals.

For more information on these activities you can have a look at some of these websites:


Scratchpatch & Cave Golf:


Private Yacht trips:

The Diamond Tour:

The Cape Town To-Do List

Cape Town has so much to offer for tourists. We’ve put together a Cape Town To-Do List with our favourites. Choose to visit Table Mountain or Boulders Beach or even take a scenic helicopter ride along Cape Town’s peninsula.

Sport Cape Town Helicopters | Cape Town | Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Would you trust a Cape Town to-do list if it didn’t have Table Mountain as the number one thing to do? Cape town has so much to offer for tourists, however Table Mountain is arguably the main attraction. Labelled the seventh wonder of the world, it is probably the most iconic landmark in South Africa. A Cape Town visit won’t be complete without at least one photo of this amazing mountain in the background, who wouldn’t want to claim the bragging rights to seeing one of the wonders of the world in person.

If you are planning to go to the top of Table Mountain, there are a few things you need to know.

Plan out your day beforehand. A trip up the mountain usually doesn’t take up an entire day, but it can easily end up that way. Don’t make other arrangements that you can’t get out of for the afternoon, set the entire day aside. Quite often, tourists miss their other appointments or tours, because they underestimate the time it takes to complete this trip. No one wants to be rushed when you’re on holiday anyway, so take your time and enjoy a drink while you are up there. I would recommend starting your venture to Table Mountain in the morning.

There are two ways to get to the top of the mountain. You can either go up with a cable car or you can hike up. If you’re a real outdoorsy kind of person or into fitness, the hike will probably be a perfect option. However, if you just want to enjoy the views without breaking too much of a sweat I would recommend the easy way up (cable car). The cable cars are unique as the floor rotates 360 degrees while it goes up and down the mountain side. Never hike alone, safety must be your number one priority. Make sure you take enough water, especially if you are hiking.

ALWAYS buy your tickets online before you get to the mountain. There are long queues and you don’t want to be stuck in a second queue just to buy a ticket. No matter what the weather looks like, take a warm jacket. As a local, I have ended up underestimating the weather far too often. It may be warm in Cape Town, but it can get quite chilly on the mountain.

While you are on the mountain you can enjoy a beer or beverage at the café or for those of you who are more adventurous you can also do some abseiling. Make sure you take as many photos as you need, but always watch your step.

Please be aware that the weather in Cape Town is rather unpredictable and on days where it is too windy, they close the cable car station.

You can book your ticket online here:

Sport Cape Town Helicopters | Cape Town


This distinct neighbourhood is situated at the foot of Signal Hill. The bright colourful houses and rich cultural background makes this place a unique part of Cape Town’s history. The houses were once leased to slaves and all of them had to painted white, when the slaves could finally buy the houses their first act was to paint them bright colours. Today many tourists take the most amazing pictures with the multicoloured houses and cobblestone streets in the background. As a part of your tour you can also take a Malay cooking class or have some traditional Malay food at a local restaurant. You can also purchase a wide variety of fresh spices at Atlas Spices. Be sure to look out for the unique beadworks at local craft stores and if you’re looking for that perfect piece of jewellery you can stop at the Diamond gallery.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Bo-Kaap you can visit the Bo-Kaap museum.

Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes as this venture requires some walking.

Book your Malay cooking tour here:

Sport Cape Town Helicopters | Cape Town | Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach

This beach is perfect for a family beach trip, the large granite boulders acts as a wind barrier as well as a playground for the children. What makes this area famous is the colony of penguins that inhabit the beach and the surrounding area.

The penguins aren’t always on Boulders beach, but the beautiful boardwalk on Foxy Beach will ensure that you will be able to spot at least a few of these handsome birds. These penguins are African penguins, they are now on the endangered species list and they are the only penguins found in Africa. This area is also the only place where you could get face to face with the African Penguins, but don’t try to touch them as they can snap at you with their sharp beaks.

There is a R65 conservation fee you need to pay before you can enter. However, this means that the beach is less crowded than the other beaches on the Cape Town coastline. Be sure to take sunscreen and a hat as well as a jacket as the weather can quickly change.

Sport Cape Town Helicopters


A helicopter tour is the perfect way to see the entire city in less than an hour. You can get the perfect vantage point for pictures of all the iconic landmarks such as Table Mountain, Green Point Stadium, the Green Point Lighthouse, Lions Head and Signal Hill, etc. Be sure to ask your pilot questions and to point out the destinations or landmarks that you are interested in. Sport Helicopters in the Waterfront offers a wide variety of flights to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

From a twelve-minute city tour to a one our Cape Point flight, there are more than enough tours to choose from. You can save time on transport by taking a helicopter ride to a Game Farm like Aquila or go Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai. They also offer lunch flights to popular wine farms in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, and Franschhoek. If you’re in a rush and want to avoid traffic to or from the airport you can easily take a helicopter ride to get you to where you need to be.

Be sure to charge your cell-phones or cameras as this will most likely be the most photographic part of your holiday.

You can conveniently book and pay online with Sport Helicopters here.

Sport Cape Town Helicopters | Cape Town Beaches

Cape Town Beaches

In summer the place to be is on the pristine beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton. It is the perfect way to melt away your worries and get some well-deserved sunshine. Enjoy sunset cocktails on the Camps Bay promenade overlooking the beautiful beach and oddly shape boulders. These beaches are safe as it is a major tourist attraction and filled with tourists.

See the best restaurants in Camps Bay with a view here:

Sport Cape Town Helicopters | Signal Hill

Signal Hill

This hill was a site for flying flags that communicated the weather conditions in Cape Town and that is where the name Signal Hill originated from. The sunsets and city light views as seen from the top of the hill is breath-taking. You have a 360-degree view of the city, with Table Mountain, Lions Head, the Atlantic Seaboard as well as Robben Island. Due to the popularity of this site, the parking is limited, thus I would recommend taking a taxi or Uber to the top of the hill. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the views with a glass of wine. You can also book a paragliding expedition from the top of the hill to the Sea Point promenade at a reasonable price.

Book your paragliding tour here: